advantages of solar LED street lights

- Apr 01, 2019-

What are the advantages of solar LED street lights?

The main principle of solar power generation is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors. A silicon atom has four electrons. If a pure electron is doped with five electron atoms such as a phosphorus atom, it becomes a negatively charged N-type semiconductor. If pure silicon is doped with three electron atoms such as boron atoms, A positively charged P-type semiconductor is formed.


Solar LED Street Light Design For road lighting system design, we generally need to consider the following factors:

1. Solar street lights from the function The main function of the road lighting system is to ensure traffic safety, improve transportation efficiency, ensure personal safety, provide a comfortable environment and enhance the company's image.

2. On the basis of meeting the needs of road lighting functions, improve the energy efficiency of road lighting systems, reduce system power consumption, save energy, reduce pollution, and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. 3. In addition, it is necessary to combine local sunshine resources. The local normal continuous rainy weather conditions, the battery board is subject to comprehensive considerations such as dust coverage, temperature effects, various efficiencies of the controller and the battery.


  1. Solar LED street lamps use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity. As a new energy source of green environmental protection, solar energy is “inexhaustible and inexhaustible”. Making full use of solar energy resources is of great significance to alleviating the shortage of electricity and energy.

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2, solar LED street lights installation is simple and convenient, no need to do trenching like ordinary street lights, laying cables backfilling and other engineering, but only need a fixed base, all lines and control systems are placed in the light pole, forming A whole. 

3. The operation and maintenance cost of solar LED street lamps is low. The solar panels he uses are powered, and in areas with less dust and rain, it takes only 3-5 months to clean the panels, and the operating cost is almost zero. The entire system is automatically controlled by the microcomputer, no manual intervention, and almost no maintenance costs.


Wind-solar complementary solar LED street lights into Tibet last year we installed solar LED scenery complementary street lamps in Tibet, trouble customers recently sent us pictures, which is complementary to 10 meters of scenery, light source to the ground 8.5 meters, 60W light source, brightness is special Ok, we looked very happy. In Tibet, the light is good, the rain is small, and the land is sparsely populated. If the ordinary city power is very inconvenient and the cable is artificially counted, the cost is also quite high, so we are very optimistic about the solar street lamp market in Tibet.

The above is about the advantages of solar LED street lights, LED energy-saving light source is a future development trend, but the technology is not mature. There are two technical problems in the existing LED street lamps. One is heat dissipation, and the other is insufficient power, which cannot meet the national requirements for street lighting illumination on the main road.