Controller of Solar Street Lamp

- Mar 29, 2019-

In the application of solar street lights, the power is adjusted. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED light. For example, the street light is adjusted to 30W in the early morning and 15W energy saving in the middle of the night. This locks the current to meet the lighting requirements at night, and saves the overall configuration and budget of the battery and solar panel. Greatly and effectively extend the life of LED lights. The following is a description of the controller for solar street lights.


The choice of controller is often a problem that is ignored by the engineering company. The quality of the controller is uneven. The market price of the controller of 12V/10A ranges from 100-200 yuan, although it is the smallest part of the whole street lamp system. But it is a very important part. The quality of the controller directly affects the component life of the solar street lighting system and the procurement cost of the entire system.


Controllers with lower power consumption should be selected, and the controller should work continuously for 24 hours. If it consumes a lot of power, it will consume part of the power. It is best to choose a controller with power consumption below 1 milliamp (MA).


After purchasing the solar street light for the first time, the user should not install it at will. As a lighting facility formed by interweaving various components, the user can only avoid the installation of the solar street lamp in order to avoid the use of the street lamp system. In the meantime, there will be no risk due to mistakes made during installation. For a more detailed understanding of the impact of the wrong installation, here, Xiaobian takes the ordinary ground installation as an example, detailing the corresponding direction that the user should pay attention to when installing the solar street light system.


1. Consolidate

When installing solar street lights, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the connection between the street lamp line and the ground is firm, because the street lamp is an infrastructure that exists on both sides of the road for a long time, so the stability of the line will not only affect whether the solar street lamp can function normally. The state of illumination, and its stability, will also affect the stability of the streetlight system. For example, a large-scale machine, even if there is a deviation in a certain detail, will bring unimaginable obstacles to the overall operation of the machine. .

2, receiving

As the most prominent advantage of solar street lamps, its ability to absorb radiation and heat independently cannot be ignored. When installing solar street lighting systems, the installer needs to pay attention to whether the solar panels of this street lamp can fully accept natural radiation. This will not only affect the aesthetics of the street lamp, but also bring different degrees of influence to its lighting intensity.

Even if you use a better product, when people use it, they need to have some precautions. Only in this way can the product be used without risk factors due to accidents.

To choose a controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the panel, especially in the winter or under-light period, the MCT charging mode is about 20% higher than other.

Controllers with two-way regulated power should be selected. Controllers with power adjustment have been widely promoted. One or two channels of illumination can be automatically turned off during pedestrian hours at night, saving electricity and adjusting power for LED lights.

In addition to selecting the above power-saving functions, it should also pay attention to the controller's protection function for components such as batteries. For example, the controller with the trickle charge mode of China Solar Industry Alliance Network can protect the battery well and increase the battery life. When the controller undervoltage protection value, try to adjust the undervoltage protection value to ≥11.1V to prevent the battery from being over-discharged.

The above is an introduction to the controller of solar street lights. If you have other questions about solar street lights, you can always consult us and we will provide you with a professional answer.