Details to be noted when choosing led streetlights

- Jan 30, 2018-

We should pay attention to these places when we choose LED streetlights:

1, the lamp pole main rod According to the drawing request, the galvanized square tube, the wall thickness 3.5mm. Light source power: led30w.

2, light pole part of the whole full welding, uniform welding, and its welding quality to meet the requirements, no impact on the strength of the cracks, slag, welding, burning, arc pits, and no folds and interruptions and other defects.

3. The permissible deviation of the lamp bar shall conform to the following specifications:

1) The length allowable deviation is the ±0.5% of the rod length;

2) the allowable error of straightness of the rod body should be 1;

3) The cross section diameter of the rod body, the diagonal or the allowable deviation of the margin should be ±1%;

4) The angle of light arm elevation allowable deviation should be ±1%.