High pressure sodium lamp related knowledge

- Jan 30, 2018-

The high-pressure sodium lamp was invented in the 60 's, it is the highest light efficiency of the high intensity gas discharge lamp, known as the third generation of light source, high pressure sodium lamp and low pressure sodium lamp, its spectrum is no longer a monochrome yellow light, but spread in a fairly wide range of frequencies, through the relaxation of spectral lines, high pressure sodium lamp issued gold white lights, This allows for color differences.

Because the high pressure sodium lamps have high light efficiency, long life, acceptable color and do not lure insects, is not easy to be photographed fade, and so on, which makes the high-pressure sodium lamp is widely used in all corners of ordinary lighting, in order to gradually replace the relatively large energy consumption of fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp, Recently developed color improvement and high color high-pressure sodium lamp can replace incandescent lamps, to obtain a great energy-saving effect.