How to buy solar street lights correctly

- Apr 02, 2019-

How to buy solar street lights correctly

How to buy solar street lamps correctly? Be cautious when purchasing solar street lamps. Although many people want to use solar street lamps, there are still many people who pay attention to the basic components of street lamps during the purchase process, so that they can purchase them. The goods will not be affected by simple problems, which will lead to greater influence and deviation in subsequent operations. So how to buy solar street lights correctly? Take a look at the introduction below.


The correct way to buy solar street lights:

Although the purchase of solar street lamps seems easy, it is actually an extremely complicated lighting facility. When ordinary people buy them, they should pay attention to the following factors to check the quality of solar street lamps. Will be affected.


First, look at the cage

After the solar street lamp is installed on the ground, people need to carry out secondary reinforcement treatment. The street lamp is made of extremely strong stainless steel, so the surface will not be damaged by the wind and sun.

However, after considering the line problem, if the user wants to ensure that the solar street lamp line will not be damaged due to long-term use, the cage for fixing the street lamp must be strictly treated by people. The skeleton made of stainless steel is wrapped around the base of the solar street light, which ensures that the use of solar street lights can maintain the most stable state.

Second, look at the battery

The reason why the battery is taken into account is very simple. As a lighting facility that can absorb solar radiation independently, in the cloudy and rainy season, it can no doubt rely on the absorption of radiation to meet the lighting demand. Therefore, the demand for the battery of the solar street lamp is also So come.

When considering the application of the basic components of the solar street lamp and the purchase problem, the power supply capacity and the continuous battery life of the street lamp battery need to be considered.