How to install a solar street wind turbine

- Apr 04, 2019-

How to install a solar street wind turbine? The installation location of a solar street wind turbine is difficult to choose. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to understand the meteorological data for many years, and after many years of actual measurement, consider other comprehensive factors to determine the installation location of the wind turbine. When installing a solar street wind turbine, the following points should be noted:


1. Try to avoid the turbulent influence of the wind.

Turbulence is caused by the rapid changes in wind speed and direction caused by wind passing through rough surfaces or obstacles. Turbulence causes the wind turbine output to decrease and cause the wind turbine to vibrate, causing noise and affecting the service life. In order to avoid the effects of turbulence, the wind turbine should be installed in a relatively open and unobstructed place, and keep a certain distance from the house.


2. Determine the local main wind direction.

The wind turbine should be installed in the upper wind direction of the main wind direction. For example, most parts of Inner Mongolia often blow northwest winds, then the wind turbine should be installed in the northwest direction of the house, thus reducing the sheltering effect of the house on the wind.


3. Pay attention to the installation height of the wind turbine.

Sometimes the wind speed is perpendicular to the shear, which will affect the operation of the wind wheel, so choose the right wind turbine installation height. Under normal circumstances, where there are many obstacles and relatively close, the wind turbine must be installed at a location close to the house, and the installation height of the wind turbine must be increased.

Solar street lights need more maintenance to last longer. The maintenance method of solar street lights is as follows:

1) Do not let hard objects or sharp objects hit the solar panel, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged.

2) Do not let branches, billboards, etc. block the surface during use, so as not to affect the conversion efficiency.

3) Keep the surface clean. It is recommended to clean the solar panel once every six months, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency.

4) When installing solar energy, it needs to be inclined at an angle of 30 degrees in the south direction.