Solar street light installation tips for better use

- Dec 19, 2019-

Solar street light installation tips for better use

Solar street lights are easy to install and do not need to be laid like traditional street lights. However, during the installation process, certain installation skills and precautions need to be mastered. The following editors will take everyone to understand them. Better installation and use.


First, solar street lights should be installed on sunny days



The installation time of solar street lights must be selected on sunny days. We all know that in rainy weather, there is insufficient solar light, so charging cannot be completed quickly after installation. If it is discharged at night, it will not only achieve good results, but will also affect solar street lights The service life is affected.


Second, the first day after installation should not light up



The battery is the core of the solar street light, so in order to improve the use time of the solar battery and extend the charge and discharge times of the battery, professional staff recommends that everyone should not turn on the first day after the solar street light is installed. When installing, we can connect the controller first, do not wake up the load contact, so that the battery can be turned on after two days of charging, which is conducive to the maximum charging of the battery, so as to better activate the battery and improve Used time.


Third, solar street light controller choose waterproof products



Considering the influence of rainy weather, it is recommended that the controller choose a high-quality product with waterproof function, so as to better ensure the stability of solar street lights. If it is not available, the terminal can be faced down as far as possible, and the wiring must be completed as far as possible U-shaped, this can also improve certain waterproof ability.


Fourth, pay attention to the angle of the battery board



The angle of the solar street light battery panel should also pay attention to choosing a suitable position, it is recommended that you choose a 45-degree angle. Because if the angle is not appropriate, not only will it affect the charging performance of the battery, which will reduce the lighting time, but also the battery's induction performance, which will make the time of automatically turning on the lights inaccurate.



Knowing the necessary installation skills and installation precautions during the installation of solar street lights has great benefits for the future use of solar energy, and can help extend the life of solar street lights and help maximize the value of solar street lights. So, hope The above introduction can bring you more help.