Solar street light manufacturers ranking

- May 10, 2019-

Solar street light manufacturers ranking

 There are thousands of solar street lamp manufacturers in the country, and there are very few solar manufacturers in the true sense.

 Solar street lamps contain five major components. Light poles, lamps, solar panels, battery controllers, generally so-called solar street lamp manufacturers are mainly producing light poles, other components are outsourced, and their own factory assembly


 There are many such hazards. The first is that there is no advantage in price, the consistency of the second component has great problems, and the third is very prone to price cuts.

 The strength of solar street lamp manufacturers, the first thing to consider is what manufacturers produce the main products, those products are outsourced, outsourcing is not the core content

 What is the production equipment, whether it is hand workshop production or machined production line production?


 How to provide after-sales service for solar street lamp manufacturers, and which after-sales centers are more important


 These are the core elements that affect product quality and product price.

 Yangzhou Jinyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in producing lighting products for solar street lamps, solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers, light poles and lamps.


 At present, the main manufacturers of solar street lamps in China are mainly concentrated in the area of Guoji Industrial Park, Gaoyou, Jiangsu.