solar street light waterproof function

- Dec 17, 2019-

Solar street light waterproof function

Practical comparison between the effects of solar street lights and the use of mains lighting I. The installation of mains lighting is complicated: In the mains lighting engineering, there are complicated operating procedures. First of all, cables must be laid, and cable trenches must be dug and hidden. A large number of basic projects such as pipe, pipe threading and backfilling. Then carry out a long-term installation and commissioning. If any line is defective, a large area of rework is required. Moreover, the terrain and wiring requirements are complex, and labor and auxiliary materials are costly.

Easy installation of solar street lights: When installing solar street lights, you don't need to lay complicated lines, just make a concrete base and fix it with stainless steel screws. Compared with the second city electricity lighting lamps, the electricity costs are high: the city electricity lighting lamps have a fixed and high electricity cost, and the lines and other configurations need to be maintained or replaced for a long period of time. The maintenance costs increase year by year. Solar lighting fixtures are free of electricity costs: Solar lighting fixtures are a one-time investment without any maintenance costs. The investment costs can be recovered in three years, benefiting long-term. Compared with the three city electric lighting lamps, there are hidden safety hazards: due to the construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, abnormal power supply, water and electrical pipeline conflicts, etc., there are many potential safety hazards.

Solar street light rain problem

The main phenomenon is that the charge and discharge controller is exposed to rain and moisture, which causes the circuit board to short-circuit and burn out the control device (transistor), which seriously causes the circuit board to be corroded and deteriorated and cannot be repaired. There are two main ways to enter the water: one is to enter the light pole along the solar cell module and the light source lead from the reserved hole at the top of the light pole; the second is to immerse into the gap between the door of the light pole and the door; , Resulting in high humidity in the warehouse, leading to damage to the controller. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent rain and prevent the controller from getting wet and damaged.