Solar street lighting Installation area requirements

- Jan 30, 2018-

First, the use of solar street lights in the area of the limit, the ordinary solar street lights suitable for the area within 2000 meters above sea level, that is, the entire central and eastern plains of China. Because altitude will also affect the use of batteries and wiring.

Second, the solar street lamp in the -50℃--70℃ use of the best, too high temperature can not work, low temperature will make it run slowly.

Third, the use of solar street light wind level of 12, that is, the 12-level wind will not produce damage, in the domestic should be able to use.

Also, solar street lighting level 8, unless the earthquake will be damaged, normal areas will not produce problems.

Finally, the solar street lamp in the humidity can not be more than 80% of the area to normal use, over, the air humidity is too high, will make electronic components damp connection instability, affect system lighting.