Solar street lights daily maintenance and precautions

- Feb 27, 2019-

In recent years, with the country's strong support for environmental protection and the development of the solar street lamp industry, more and more people use solar street lights. The reason why solar street lights are so popular is that they have their advantages. Energy saving, safety, environmental protection, high-tech content, durability, low maintenance costs, installation components, and independent power supply are all advantages. As a user of solar street lights, proper installation before use is important, and proper maintenance after use is also important. Solar panel daily maintenance and inspection.


(1) Check the battery board for damage, and find it in time and replace it in time. Street lamp manufacturer

(2) Check if the battery board connecting line and grounding wire are in good contact and there is no falling off.

(3) Check the battery board bracket for looseness or breakage.

(4) Check and clean the area around the panel and cover the surface.

(5) Check the dust on the surface of the panel and clean it if necessary. 


Not only does it require proper maintenance, solar panels need to pay attention to the following matters in daily use:

(1) Do not let hard objects or sharp objects hit the solar panel, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged. Lawn lamp manufacturer

(2) The solar panels should be cleaned regularly during use (the time can be one quarter or half a year). Keep the surface of the solar panel clean, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency.

(3) Do not let something (such as branches, billboards, etc.) block the surface during use, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency.

(4) The orientation and angle of the solar installation.