Street light pole wall thickness and lamppost installation requirements

- Jul 17, 2018-

What is the wall thickness of a street light pole usually?

How thick is the street light pole, usually depends on how high the light pole, single arm light or double arm light, the minimum wall thickness is 2.5 centimeter, used on the 2-4 meter street light, 3-3.5 centimeter, 4-9 It is used on street lamps of 4 meters to 4.5 degrees 5% to 6%, and is used for street lamps with a height of 8-15 meters. There is also a difference in thickness depending on the wind resistance requirements. The materials used for solar wind energy street lamps are thicker than those for ordinary street lamps, generally around 4-6 PCT.

Because the environment in which the lamp post works is outdoors, in order to prevent the rust corrosion of the lamp post and reduce the structural strength, the lamp post must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Anti-corrosion is mainly to take precautionary measures against the cause of corrosion. Anti-corrosion should avoid or slow down the effects of moisture, high temperature, oxidation, chloride and other factors.


Requirements for installing street light pole technology

1. The two-way road streetlights are double-selected single fire lights. The motorway lights are 11.5 meters above the ground, and the sidewalk lights are 8.5 meters away from the ground. The two sides are arranged at a distance of 50 meters. The express road light source is Sanfengyuan 120WLED street light, and the pedestrian road light source is Sanfengyuan 80WLED street light. The road is generally 12m high pole light, the cantilever has a single pick and double pick, 400W high pressure sodium lamp.

2. The light pole material is made of high-quality Q235A steel (the silicon content of steel is not higher than 0.04%, refer to the brand Shanghai Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, etc.) and the tapered rod is bent and formed once. The light pole is made of thick 4mm steel plate, and the light pole is made. The wall thickness does not include the thickness of the galvanized layer. The main pole of the pole is a tapered rod with a diameter of about 85 mm and a diameter of about 200 mm. The poles are all made of 60mm diameter steel pipe, the outer length of the motorway is 1.6 meters, the sidewalk is 1.2 meters, and the wall thickness is 3mm.

3. The surface of the pole is smooth and there must be no cracking, missing welding, continuous venting, undercutting or inequality. The linear error of the center line of the pole is not more than 0.02% of the length of the rod. The appearance of the rod has no unevenness and no trace, and the appearance of the pole has no obvious defects.

4. The welding method of the pole is automatic argon arc welding, ultrasonic flaw detection, and meets the requirements of GBl1345II standard. The socket of the pole is fixed by the nail and the top wire.

5. The lamp post is treated with hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment. The zinc layer is not less than 75 microns. The surface has practical and smooth surface, the color is basically the same. After the hammering test, the skin is not peeled off, and the galvanizing life is not less than 20 years.

6. The light pole spray should be made of high quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder. The color is to be determined, the surface is smooth and smooth, the plastic layer quality is stable, no fading, no falling off, strong adhesion, strong ultraviolet resistance, and the service life should not be lower than 20 years. , thickness ≥ 80um, in line with ASTM D339-83 standard.