technology of solar street light

- Mar 25, 2019-

Under the premise of increasing environmental awareness, many people are trying to save the national resources and save energy for future generations. The energy of the sun is inexhaustible, so many people study the sun. Therefore, there is the existence of solar street lights.

Because street lighting is a huge project to consume electricity, solar street lights are a good choice considering cost and environment, and can also generate considerable economic benefits and environmental protection.


Solar street lights are much more power efficient than older conventional sodium lamps, and they have a longer working life, better color definition, and the need for smaller solar modules. Therefore, in order to carry out in-depth and meticulous evaluation of solar street lighting technology for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and taking full account of solar radiation, the amount of sunshine is generally generally related to climatic conditions in related fields. In summary, the advantages of using the solar street light are:

1) Daily daily operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

2) Have positive environmental impacts, not negative ones.

3) Minimize interference caused by lack of installation wiring.

4) Power interruption does not affect any street lighting in the area

5) Solar street lights can be easily erected in almost all locations


Solar street lights can be used not only on solar street lights, boulevards and highways, but also to improve the cost-effectiveness of military and civilian safety facilities. Solar street lights are the only way out on solar technology roads. More and more products, such as traffic lights, road markings and traffic signs, traffic management systems, are all using solar technology, and the airport is also increasingly aware of the benefits of solar lighting, even using solar technology on the runway. .