What are the requirements for power steel rods?

- Jan 30, 2018-

1. Single rod and grounding bolts of power steel rods can be uniformly arranged on the same side of the line;

2. Power steel rod Double, ground nut should be arranged on the outside of the two poles.

3. In the process of the power steel bar in the guarantee of transverse and ground support bearings correct premise, to the foot nail nut above the main section, from top to bottom into a straight line.

4. The pin nut of the straight rod is all arranged on the left pole facing the electric end;

5. The pin nut of the corner rod is all arranged on the lateral lever of the corner rod.

6. The Power steel pole is determined by the terrain of pole position and assembly. The angle rod of the Power steel bar is arranged in the direction of the equal line of the angle of the straight line.

7. A single bar relative to some arbitrary, can be any direction of the bar, in the absence of obstacles, must be in accordance with the direction of the line bar;

8. The rotation angle should be arranged according to its equal line direction to arrange the pole, the line double pole needs to follow the line direction to arrange the pole.