Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Street Light Lithium Batteries

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Street Light Lithium Batteries

advantages and disadvantages of solar street light lithium batteries
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar street light lithium batteries?

 In the field of solar street lamp battery energy storage in the past two years, lithium batteries have gradually replaced the traditional colloidal buried battery as the new favorite of the market.  Then, what advantages does it have to replace the gel battery? What are the disadvantages of the solar lithium battery, so that users need to pay attention to it during use? The following is the answer by Gansu solar street lamp manufacturers.


 A lithium battery is referred to as a lithium battery, and a lithium battery mainly refers to a type of battery in which lithium element is used as a main active material in an electrode material.  Lithium batteries are classified into lithium primary batteries (primary batteries) and lithium secondary batteries.  The inventor of the lithium battery is Edison.


 (I) Advantages of Lithium Battery Compared with NiMH batteries, lithium batteries have the following significant advantages:

 ?? High operating voltage, high energy density, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect;

 Lithium-ion batteries can be made thinner (the polymer lithium battery is only 0.5mm thinnest) and made smaller;

 The area and shape of the crucible can be changed at will, which greatly improves the flexibility of the battery design. The manufacturer can make batteries of any shape and capacity according to the needs of the user;

 Compared with lead-acid batteries, 4 lithium batteries are light and durable, and have relatively small environmental pollution;

 5 Frequently charging or discharging the lithium battery, charging when not exhausted, or using an external power supply, charging while using, or continuing to use the external connection after charging, will not cause additional loss to the battery.

 (2) Disadvantages of lithium batteries

 1 Lithium battery is not resistant to high temperatures or low temperature.  Due to some defects in the manufacturing process, there is a possibility of explosion when the ambient temperature is high.

 2 is vulnerable to overcharge damage.

 Long-term charging of a lithium battery will leave the battery at a dangerous edge for a long time because charging for a long time will degrade the characteristics of the battery's charge and discharge protection circuit.

 After the lithium battery is charged for more than a certain period of time, if the charger is not removed, the system will not stop charging, and the discharge-charging cycle will start, and the life of the charger will decrease.

 Long-term charging takes a long time and often needs to be carried out at night. In the case of China's power grid, the voltage at night is high in many places and fluctuates greatly.  Lithium batteries have much less resistance to fluctuations in charge and discharge than nickel batteries, so that the life of lithium batteries will further decline.

 3 Due to the very active chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, storage, use and environmental requirements of lithium metal are very high.  Therefore, when not in use for a long time, the lithium battery should be taken out and placed in a cool dry place.  Do not freeze to avoid water vapor erosion.

 4 is rarely used in large energy storage and power batteries (which require large currents in an instant). The main reason is that lithium batteries use lithium and cobalt as cathode materials. This material is not resistant to high current, high voltage, high torque, collision and  In special environments such as high temperature and low temperature, safety is not guaranteed.

 5 Lithium-cobalt battery can not be quickly charged and completely avoid secondary pollution. It is necessary to design a protection circuit to prevent overcharging or over-discharging, otherwise it will cause explosion and other dangers.

 6 Cobalt prices are getting higher and higher, the world's largest producer of cobalt, Congo, has many wars, causing the price of cobalt to rise.

 7 Avoid buying spare lithium batteries for storage, because the battery life is naturally lost even if it is not used.