Integrated Solar Street Light

Integrated solar street light

Product Details

1.Patented integrated design, no need to pull wires, simple installation, simple, stylish, safe, lightweight and economical. 

2. The alloy material is the structural body and has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. 

3. MPPT maximum power tracking, human body infrared sensing (range 10-15 meters), intelligent dimming, more energy saving, longer use time.

4. Pure ternary lithium battery, low internal resistance, 18650 high-capacity battery, temperature adaptation range -20-60 degrees, longer life. 

5. Waterproof structure, safe and reliable. 

6. Solar charging, LED light source, intelligent light control, automatically turn on the lights in the dark, and turn off the lights automatically in the daylight. 


Suitable for the environment: installed in various traffic roads, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas and places that are not easy to pull electricity, park lighting, parking lots and rural areas provide road lighting for the night.

Power range: 20-50W

Light efficiency: 2200-5500LM/W

Color temperature: 3000-6000K

Protection level: IP68


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