Solar Street Light Installation Instructions

Solar Street Light Installation Instructions

Solar street light installation instructions

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Solar street light installation instructions

 Installation evaluation
 Solar street lights mainly rely on sunlight to provide working energy, and environmental assessment is required for installation design. 

 1. Sunshine time: greater than 1600H

 2. Ambient temperature: minus 10 ° C -50 ° C

 3. Surrounding environment:

 a. Check whether there are trees, buildings, etc. on both sides of the road (mainly on the south or east and west sides) of the installation road. If there are trees or buildings that may block the lighting, measure the height and the distance from the installation site.  Determine whether it affects the lighting of solar modules; the general requirement for solar lighting is that solar lighting can at least ensure that there is no occlusion that affects daylighting between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. 

 b. Observe whether there are cables, wires or other facilities affecting the installation of the lamps above the installation position of the solar lamps (Note: It is forbidden to install solar lamps under the high voltage lines);

 c. Understand whether there are cables, optical cables, pipelines or other facilities affecting construction in the ground of solar streetlights and battery compartments, and whether there are signs prohibiting construction.  When installing, try to avoid the above facilities. If you can't avoid it, please contact the relevant department and negotiate to agree to the construction. 

 d. Avoid installation in low-lying areas, soft soil layers or areas where water accumulation is likely to occur;

 e. Take photos on site at the installation site;

 f. Measure the width, length, occlusion height and distance of the road segment, record the road direction and provide it to the plan designer for reference. 

 9.2 Installation layout assessment
 1. According to the width of the road and the lighting requirements, choose to install the lighting method:
 a, single side arrangement
 b, double-sided staggered arrangement
 c, bilateral symmetric arrangement
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