Wind-PV Hybrid Street Light

Wind-PV Hybrid Street Light

wind-PV hybrid streetlight

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What are the advantages of scenery complementary street lamps?

 Energy saving and emission reduction, saving environmental protection, no large amount of electricity expenses in the later period. Resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming the trend of the times. Compared with traditional street lamps, scenery complementary street lamps use natural renewable solar energy and wind energy as energy, without consuming any non-renewable  Energy, not emitting pollutant gases into the atmosphere, causes pollution emissions to be reduced to zero. For a long time, the protection of the environment is self-evident, and it also eliminates the cost of a large amount of electricity expenses in the later period.


 The cable laying project is exempted, and there is no need to construct a large number of power supply facilities. The operation procedures of the mains lighting project are complicated, and the foundation works such as cable trench excavation, laying dark pipes, pipe threading, backfilling, etc. require a lot of labor; at the same time, transformers, power distribution cabinets, and distribution  Large-scale electrical equipment such as electric boards also consume a lot of financial resources. Wind and solar hybrid street lights are not. Each street light is a separate individual, no need for cable laying, no need for large-scale electrical equipment, saving manpower and saving money.

 Individual damage does not affect the overall situation, and is not affected by large-scale power outages. Since conventional wind-solar complementary street lamps are cable connections, it is likely to affect the entire power supply system due to individual problems; this is not the case with wind-solar complementary circuit lights.  Independent power generation system, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of other street lights, even if there is a large-scale power outage, it will not affect the lighting, and the uncontrollable loss is greatly reduced.

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