Do You Know About The Knowledge Of Explosion-proof Induction Lamps?

Do You Know About The Knowledge Of Explosion-proof Induction Lamps?

Do you know about the knowledge of explosion-proof induction lamps?
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Explosion-proof electrodeless lamp is a new generation of high-tech lighting products integrating explosion-proof, defense, electronics, optoelectronics, vacuum and other technologies. Focus on drilling, oil production platform, oil production equipment, oil refinery, chemical plant, steel, electric power, mining  The lighting of the scene; and can be used for the constant illumination of the ground, sea oil drilling machine and workover rig with bumpy homework.


 Explosion-proof electrodeless lamp features, explosion-proof electrodeless lamp has long service life, high luminous efficiency and energy saving. It is uniquely used in some areas where dangerous places are not repaired and disassembled. Explosion-proof electrodeless lamp installation method, the key installation method of explosion-proof electrodeless lamp has ceiling  Type, boom type, law column type, guardrail type, wall type, etc.


 The illuminating principle of the explosion-proof electrodeless lamp, the stepless mining lamp and the electrodeless street lamp is: after inputting the voltage of the positive boundary line, the 2.65MHz high-frequency constant voltage generated by the high-frequency generator is sent to the power coupler, and the power coupler is in the discharge space of the glass bulb.  Create a strong electrostatic field, ionize the atmosphere in the discharge space, and generate strong ultraviolet light. The three primary color phosphors on the inner wall of the glass bulb are inspired by strong ultraviolet light.


 In the power supply design, due to the selection of APFC power control technology and the selection of IC technology, on the one hand, the power factor of the power supply is as high as 0.95 or more; on the other hand, the high-frequency generator is always lit with high-frequency constant voltage. Therefore, the input power supply voltage is in a positive boundary.  When the internal fluctuations, the brightness of the light does not change. The frequency of lighting is as high as 2.65MHz. For a long time, the stroboscopic problem of ordinary fluorescent lamps has been completely dealt with. Under this light, labor and study, the human eye does not feel tired!

 Explosion-proof electrodeless lamp economical and practical, the cost of explosion-proof electrodeless lamp is followed by mass production, the value will be even lower than the traditional light source, so as to create the premise for the implementation of the application. Explosion-proof electrodeless lamp is still used ordinaryly in many lighting projects, the essence of implementation  The application prospect is wide, the industrialization speed is fast, and the scale effect is outstanding.

 The explosion-proof electrodeless lamp is an extraordinarily guarding device. When there is an abnormal shape such as a light bulb connection or a lamp venting, the explosion-proof electrodeless lamp cannot be normally ignited. The resonant ignition circuit is always in a resonant form, and the current delivered by the inverter increases to a normal current of 3.  ~5 times. If you do not use useful guardian countermeasures, it will form a lighting inverter and the front unit circuit is destroyed due to overload, and even cause smoke, burst and other events.

 The latest protection-free explosion-proof induction lamp lighting explosion-proof type is composite or dust explosion-proof type, which is used for lighting applications in explosion hazardous areas. The lighting consists of light source cavity, electrical box and wiring cavity, closed design. Aluminum alloy die-cast ballast box contains  Ballasts, terminal blocks and other electrical appliances. The light source cavity is made of pure aluminum with a specular reflector inside. The outer surface of the lighting is polyester sprayed.

 Polycarbonate prismatic translucent cover, snap-fit connection. Ballast box back cover structure. Lighting has good corrosion resistance, high luminous efficiency, wide mapping boundary, light and soft, durable. Lighting  There are rubber seals, seals are reliable, and the defense function is good. The lighting style is novel, elegant and generous, easy to install and protect, practical low-bay lighting. This lighting is practical for pipe hanging, ceiling, suction wall and pole installation.  .Electromagnetic induction lamp light source, high power factor, high luminous efficiency, wide application boundary, long-term use of free care.