The High Pole Light Structure

The High Pole Light Structure

the high pole light structure
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The height of the high pole light structure can reach 1/5 or even higher than the span.  Therefore, when the overall height is constant, the reduction of the beam height can reduce the cost, the overall momentum is spectacular, the internal space is wide, and the high pole lamp structure can maximize the internal temperature without sweltering.

 The load of the arch is different, and the line shape of the pressure curve is different. Generally, it is determined by the pressure curve under constant load. Under the action of live load, the internal force of the arch may generate bending moment. At this time, the setting of the hinge will affect the bending moment of the arch.  Distribution status.  Similar to the rigid frame, the hingeless arch is used only when the foundation is good or there is a stable side span at both arches. Such arches are rarely used in building construction.  There are many applications of double-hinge arches. In order to adapt to the poor settlement of the support on the weak foundation and the deformation of the arched rod, it is better to use the three-hinge arch with static structure.

 The arch resists the curved rod and transmits the external force to the support. Therefore, the hinge support not only bears the vertical force, but also has a considerable horizontal outward arching thrust. The resultant force is located in the tangential direction of the arch curve at the support point.  .  The thrust of the arch is one of its main mechanical features. The smaller the vector height f, the greater the thrust.  A statically indeterminate double-hinge arch, the vertical or horizontal displacement of the bearing will cause the internal force to change, and the requirement for the bearing to be displaced under the action of the thrust is more strict.  It can be seen that in order to keep the arch in normal operation, it is necessary to ensure that the support can withstand the thrust without displacement, so the structural treatment of the arch thrust is the central problem of the arch structure design.

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