Busy Overtime At The Dragon Boat Festival

- Jun 17, 2018-

According to historical records, Shunyang is on the top, and May is midsummer. Its first noon is the day when the weather is good for Shunyang, so the fifth day of May is also called the “Dangyang Festival”.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, everyone was happy and leisurely to take a vacation, but it was still a busy scene in the production workshop of Jinyuan Group of Jinshang Group and the production workshop of Shangpin Company. In order to satisfy the customers, Jin Shangren resolutely adheres to the job, races against the time, and guarantees the quality and quantity of the project. The high temperature of 34 °C can not resist the enthusiasm of their work.

In order to do a solid job during the Dragon Boat Festival, Chairman Zhao Cheng organized a safety work meeting during the Dragon Boat Festival on the morning of June 15 to deploy safety inspections to ensure safe production during the holidays.




I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Let us praise the Jinyuan people who are sticking to the front line!