Introduction Of Different Kinds Of Street Lamp Products

- Jan 30, 2018-

Lawn lamp: Light source for high brightness light-emitting diode, mostly only the day's storage of electricity, especially the use of cadmium nickel batteries. Because of the recall effect of Ni-CD battery, it is required that when the cadmium-nickel battery is full of electricity, it should be recharged after all, and the design of the lawn lamp can not be used enough.

Courtyard lamp: In practice is a small solar street lamp, because the degree of uniformity of the requirements are not high, most of the use of high-brightness light-emitting diode to do light source, to consider the solar module of the device tilt to improve the use of solar module components.

Solar Advertising Light Box: is a kind of surface lighting products, the first to plan the distribution of light source. Due to the cost and structure constraints of solar power, it is necessary to have energy-saving planning, so it is a kind of low brightness product and can not use the usual planning method of advertising light box.

Way signal lights: Especially yellow warning lights, should be one of the best use of solar cells. Because the light source is monochrome, it can make the light-emitting diode to the maximum luminous power, and can shine, the circuit can be energy-saving planning, the application of the obstruction lies in the building and tree occlusion.