LED Street Lamps Need Waterproof, Anti-corrosion

- Jan 30, 2018-

Because the working environment of LED Street lamp is in the outdoors, rain, so the material of LED street lamp is best to be able to waterproof, put corrode, the LED lamp rod Anticorrosion uses the surface hot-dip zinc after the spray treatment, the anti-corrosion quality conforms to the stipulation, among them hot dip zinc layer's average thickness is not less LED light rod Spray should use high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, average thickness ≥100μm, spray layer uniformity, integrity, smooth surface, its adhesion to meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

The inspection door under the LED light pole is parallel to the axis of the light pole, 400mm high 320mmx120mm overhaul door, door welding ground terminal, Mencon and door cover edge smooth, door cover and door hole assembly and door gap is not more than 2mm, door cover interchangeability, and has effective and reliable anti-theft measures.