2019 Staff Conference

- Feb 25, 2019-

On the morning of February 20, 2019, Jinshang Electric Group (Yangzhou Jinyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.) held the 2019 annual staff meeting in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the administrative building. The meeting was hosted by Zhao Lei, the director of the office. Group leaders Zhao Chen, Zhao Haoyin, Hu Qingyou, Li Changjiang, etc., and more than 130 employees attended the meeting. 


The meeting was divided into six agendas. The first agenda was announced by Vice President Zhao 

Haoyin, who was the winner of the 2018 Safety Production Team Award and the Outstanding Employee Award. The chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Zhao Chen, led the awards to the award-winning employees. 


The second agenda of the meeting was elaborated by Vice President Hu Qingyou on the production and quality management of the company in 2018, and made important speeches on "Safe Production Management, Quality Control" in 2019. 

On the third agenda of the meeting, the workshop directors made statements on the “safe management production, quality control and implementation of rules and regulations” of the workshop, and signed production management responsibility with the company.


The fourth agenda of the meeting was elaborated by Deputy Director Zhao Haoyin on the management and implementation of the company in 2018, and made an important speech on the management and enforcement of the company in 2019.

 The fifth agenda of the meeting was read by the director of the office, Zhao Lei, to read the important contents of some company rules and regulations.

 The final agenda of the meeting was summarized by Chairman Zhao Chen. He gave a brief summary of the company's production in each workshop in 2018, and thanked all Jinshang people for their contributions to the company. Next, he made detailed arrangements for the company's 2019 development plan and key tasks of the company's departments, and emphasized that quality is the foundation of the company, and safety is the lifeblood of the company. Safety issues are more important than Taishan. They are closely related to everyone and should always be on the mind. In the end, he said that 2019 is a year of reform and innovation of Jinshang Group. The task of the new year is even more arduous. All "Jinshang people" must raise their sleeves together and work hard, and take a big step forward and fight hard. A total of witnesses, participants, and promoters of the Jinshang New Age. In 2019, Jinshang Electric Group will continue to be guided by the principle of “satisfying customer requirements, providing quality and satisfactory service and zero-defective products”, and creating a four-lamp enterprise with quality, innovation, responsibility and thickness. Mission, continue to be a big market and a strong platform. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "We are all working hard, we are all dream catchers."

In the future, Jinshang Electric Group (Yangzhou Jinyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.) will grasp the main theme of the times, re-start with gratitude and return to zero, continue to run on the new journey, and bravely pursue dreams.