What Are The Benefits Of LED Streetlights?

- Jan 30, 2018-

The use of high-power led cold light source, do not damage the irradiated material, can be selected according to the needs of different colors of light source, the use of the same way with traditional spotlights, no need to change the interface, can be in the open air and high temperature and humidity and other harsh environment, low power consumption, environmental protection and

High brightness: Using solar modules as lamps of the power generation system combined with the best angle of solar panels design, for high-power led to provide adequate energy.

High life: Solar cell components and led life expectancy is up to 20 years.

Energy-Efficient: The use of solar cell components to convert solar radiation into electricity, no other energy supply, zero emissions, non-polluting.

High intelligence: Switch all realize automatic control, solar secondary road street lights can be less pedestrian at night, reduce the output power of light source to save energy.

High safety: Low pressure product, no harm to human body, high intensity connection between lamp body, strong wind resistance.

High convenience: Easy to install, without ditching wiring, can be installed arbitrarily, our company produces LED street lamps using high-power led, bright colors, uniform brightness, less power consumption, the average length of time without fault, easy to install.