Classification Of Solar Street Light Batteries

Classification Of Solar Street Light Batteries

Classification of solar street light batteries

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Classification of solar street light batteries

 At present, there are three main types of batteries for solar street lamps on the market, such as lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries.

 Each of the three types of batteries has its own advantages, but the best-selling lithium-ion battery on the market today is popular among users because of its environmental protection, simple installation, and convenient after-sales.

 1. The lithium battery is divided into a ternary lithium battery and a lithium iron phosphate battery, the ternary lithium refers to a lithium battery using lithium nickel cobalt manganese, the ternary is a positive electrode material, and the lithium iron phosphate battery refers to lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material.  Lithium Ion Battery.  Lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary battery material system is different, lithium iron phosphate is 3.2V voltage platform, cycle life is more than 2000 times, ternary battery is 3.6V voltage platform, cycle life looks different manufacturers, different models  And the process, some do 500 cycles, and some can do more than 1000 cycles.  The high temperature performance of the iron lithium battery is good, and the low temperature performance of the ternary battery is good.  Safety is a piece of iron and lithium.  In the case of the same power, the price of the iron-lithium battery is also slightly higher than the price of the ternary battery.


 2. The price of lead-acid batteries is low, the batteries are liquid, suitable for low-temperature high-rate discharge; the seals are maintenance-free; but attention should be paid to prevent lead-acid pollution, which is too cumbersome. Now the country advocates environmental protection and will be phased out.


 3. Colloidal battery is resistant to low temperature and is suitable for colder regions. It has strong cold resistance. Its energy efficiency is much better than that of liquid battery under 0-15 degrees. Its thermal insulation performance is excellent, if you live  Where the temperature is very low in winter, you can choose a gel battery.


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