Do You Know What Components Make Up The Solar Street Light?

Do you know what components make up the solar street light?
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Do you know what components make up the solar street light?


 One of the most important components of a solar street light is its battery panel, which is why it can use solar energy. It is a relatively new technology, so it is also the most expensive.  Its function is better than everyone can understand, that is, the energy received from the sun is converted into electric energy to support the street lamp, or the energy received from the sun is first stored, and then converted into electric energy to support when needed.  Street light.  Of course, with the development of technology, there are many kinds of panels, and the choices may be different under different lighting conditions.  Now, everyone is still struggling to develop the battery board, I believe that there will be more functional panels in the future.



 The second component of a solar street light is its battery.  As mentioned above, the panel needs to store the energy from the sun, so it must be something that stores electricity.  Moreover, for a battery, it needs to be full of electricity not only to maintain the illumination of a street lamp for one night, because it is not known when it will encounter rainy weather, so that you can not get energy from the sun, you need to use the previous storage.  The amount of electricity.  Therefore, the battery should not be too small, of course, it should not be too large.



 The third component of a solar street light is its controller.  As mentioned above, the battery can't be too big. If it is too big, the battery will always be in a deficient state. It is easy to shorten its life. Therefore, it needs a controller to control the amount of electricity stored.  There is too much electricity inside.  Of course, the function of this controller is far more than this. It can also control the opening and closing of the street light. When it starts to open the street light, it has the final say, and it is very smart, not only will it open at night, if the weather  If it is dark, it will also turn on the street light, so that everyone will not see the road because of the dark weather.



 Of course, in addition to the three most important parts, solar street lights still need a light source. Nowadays, the light source is already more than just a light bulb. It has many options.  Then there is the light pole and the lamp housing.  These things are all needed, but the requirements are not very high, do not need to have a lot of technology, so it is not difficult to find.  However, there may be some places where the demand for the city is relatively high.