How To Choose Solar Street Lights

How To Choose Solar Street Lights

How to choose solar street lights

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How to choose solar street lights

 When you are constantly receiving customers to consult solar street lights, the accompanying problems will follow, such as "solar street lamp price", "solar street lamp price", "solar street lamp how much money" and so on,  The customer does not know much about the configuration of the solar street light. It is not a standardized street light. In fact, the solar street light can be split into several large parts, and the relevant parts can be selected according to the customer's own requirements before the normal price can be quoted.


 We need to know the height of the pole you choose, the power of the LED lights, the continuous working hours of the street lights, etc., in order to report to the customer a reasonable price of solar street lights.  Obtain customer site information, develop a set of solar street lighting solutions suitable for customers according to the site conditions and customer requirements, and then quote the price of solar street lamps to customers.


 Customers need to know the width of the road, whether to use one-arm or two-arm street light, the interval between the light poles, what brightness to reach; how high the light pole, how much power light source, every day for several hours, how many rainy days to meet  With this information, we can easily quote.


 The full set price of solar street lamps varies from 600 yuan to 5,000 yuan depending on the configuration. The power can be selected from 15w to 100w.  The specific price of solar street lamps is related to the configuration of solar street lamps. The main price of solar street lamps consisting of solar panels, batteries, LED light sources, controllers, light poles and some auxiliary accessories is also the sum of their selling prices.


 Solar street lights are mainly divided into five parts, solar panels (power generation devices), batteries (electrical devices), led light sources (lighting devices), solar street light controllers (control device devices), and light poles (support devices).  During the day, the solar panel converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery through the controller system. In the evening, the control system allows the electric energy in the battery to be supplied to the electric appliance, that is, the LED light source power, to achieve the lighting effect.



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