How To Install And Construct Solar Street Lights

How To Install And Construct Solar Street Lights

How to install and construct solar street lights

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How to install and construct solar street lights

 Compared with the traditional street lamps, solar street lamps are widely used as new star products, but there are many components of solar street lamps, so when it is installed for the first time, it will look more complicated, so how to install and construct solar street lamps  ?  Next, we will ask the solar street lamp manufacturers to introduce!

 First, foundation pouring

 1. Establish the installation position of the street lamp: According to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site, the members of the Kaichuang photoelectric construction team will determine the installation position of the street lamp with the street lamp spacing of 40 meters as the reference value in the place where there is no sunshade at the top of the street lamp. Otherwise, it should be appropriate.  Replace the street lamp installation location.


 2. Excavation of street lamp foundation pit: Excavate the street lamp foundation pit at the fixed street lamp installation position. If the surface of the road is 1 meter soft, then the depth of our excavation will be deepened.  Identify and protect other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) at the excavation location.

 3. A battery box is built in the excavated foundation pit to embed the battery.  If the pits we are digging are not wide enough, we will continue to dig wide enough to have enough space to accommodate the battery box.


 4. Pour the street lamp foundation embedded parts: Place the pre-welded pre-welded parts of Kaichuang Optoelectronics into the pit in the pit of 1 m deep excavation, and place one end of the wire tube in the middle of the embedded part, the other end  Put it in the buried battery.  And keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground on the same level.  The embedded parts are then fixed by C20 concrete.  Stirring and symmetry during the pouring process to ensure the compactness and firmness of the entire embedded part.

 5. After the construction is completed, the residue on the positioning plate should be cleaned in time, and wait until the concrete is completely solidified (about 4 days, if the weather is good for 3 days), then the solar street lamp can be installed.

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 Second, solar street light component installation

 1, solar panel installation

 1. Place the solar panel on the battery board bracket and screw it tightly to make it firm and reliable.

 2. Connect the output line of the solar panel, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the correct battery board, and tie the output line of the battery board with the cable tie.

 3. After the wire is connected, tin the battery board wiring to prevent oxidation of the wire.  Then put the wired battery board aside and wait for the thread to pass.

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 Third, LED lamp installation

 1. Pass the lamp wire out of the lamp arm and leave a light wire at the end of the lamp cap to install the lamp cap.

 2. Support the pole, and pierce the other end of the lamp from the straight hole reserved by the pole, and follow the lamp to the end of the pole.  And install the lamp head on the other end of the lamp line.

 3. Align the lamp arm with the screw hole on the lamp post, and then tighten the lamp arm with a quick wrench.  The light arm is tightened after visual inspection of the lamp arm without skew.

 4. Mark the end of the lamp wire through the top of the lamp post, and use the thin threading tube to wear the two wires together to the bottom of the lamp post and fix the solar panel to the lamp post.  Wait for the crane to lift after checking that the screws are tightened.

 Fourth, the light pole lifting

 1. Before lifting the pole, be sure to check the fixing of each component, and check if there is any deviation between the lamp cap and the panel, and make appropriate adjustments.

 2. Put the sling on the appropriate position of the pole and slowly lift the luminaire.  Avoid damage to the battery board by the crane wire rope.

 3. When the pole is lifted directly above the foundation, slowly lower the pole, while rotating the pole, adjust the head to the road surface, and align the hole on the flange with the anchor bolt.

 4. After the flange falls on the foundation, put on the flat pad, spring pad and nut in turn, and finally tighten the nut evenly with a wrench to fix the lamp post.

 5. Remove the sling and check if the pole is tilted and adjust the pole.

 Five, battery and controller installation

 1. Put the battery into the battery well and use a thin wire to thread the battery wire onto the roadbed.

 2. Connect the cable to the controller according to the technical requirements; first connect the battery, then connect the load, and then connect the solar panel; when wiring, be sure to pay attention to the wiring and the terminal marked on the controller can not be connected incorrectly, positive and negative poles  Sex cannot collide and cannot be reversed; otherwise the controller will be damaged.

 3. Whether the debugging street lamp works normally; set the mode of the controller, let the street light light up, check if there is any problem, if there is no problem to set the lighting time, seal the lamp cover of the light pole.

 4. Intelligent controller wiring effect diagram.

 Sixth, solar street light component adjustment and secondary embedding

 1. After the installation of the solar street lamp is completed, check the installation effect of the overall street lamp, and tilt and re-adjust the lamppost.  Eventually, the installed street lamps are completely uniform.

 2. Check if there is any deviation in the solar angle of the panel. You need to adjust the panel to face in the positive direction. The specific direction is subject to the compass.

 3. Stand at the center of the road to check if the lamp arm is skewed and the lamp is proper.  If the lamp arm or the lamp head is not correct, it needs to be re-adjusted.

 4. After all the installed street lamps are adjusted neatly and uniformly, after the lamp arm lamp head is not skewed, the lamp post base is pre-buried twice.  Cementing the base of the pole to form a small square makes the solar street light more stable and reliable.

 The above is how Yangzhou Jinyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. installed and constructed solar street lights. A brief introduction, although solar street lights still have many shortcomings, with the arrival of low-carbon economy, all countries attach great importance to the use of solar energy.  According to conservative estimates by scientists, in the next decade or so, the efficiency of solar cells will increase substantially, and the price will drop by nearly half. The life of related light sources and equipment will also be greatly improved, and the control will be more scientific and maintenance.  It will also be further simplified, and solar energy will be used more deeply and more widely.






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