LED Solar Street Light Head

LED Solar Street Light Head

LED solar street light head

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LED solar street light head


  1. The LED light source itself has the unidirectionality of light, so there is basically no diffusion of light, thereby ensuring the illumination efficiency. 


 2. The LED street lamp has a secondary optical design, which illuminates the light emitted by the LED to the area that needs illumination, further improving the illumination efficiency to achieve energy saving. 


 3. The integrated design of high-pressure die-cast aluminum radiator and lamp housing fully guarantees the heat dissipation requirements of high-power LED street lamps, thus ensuring the service life of the lamps. 


 4, MS level startup speed, no need to wait, better than the traditional street lamp long-term startup process. 


 5, LED street light's light decay is small, under the condition of ambient temperature ≤ 50 °C, the light decay of less than 3% in one year, and the high-pressure sodium light decay rate is large, the light decay of one year can reach 30%, therefore, LED  Street lights are more efficient than high pressure sodium lamps. 


 6. The automatic control energy-saving device equipped with LED street lamp can realize the maximum possible reduction of invalid power and further save energy when meeting the lighting requirements of different time periods. 


 7. The LED lamp head produced by our company adopts a self-packaged single high-power chip (10W ~ 30W) as the light source. It uses a unique multi-chip integrated package mode to import wafers with high brightness to ensure excellent performance. 


 8. Each unit LED chip has a small volume, so it can be fabricated into various shapes and is suitable for a variable environment. 


 9. The LED roads produced by our company are highly efficient, and all adopt chips above ≥100 lm/W. 


 10, no lens - not to increase the brightness and sacrifice uniform light color, no glare. 


 11. Our lamp head design is light in appearance, effectively reducing wind resistance and weight, reducing lamp post load and enhancing the number of safety systems;


 12, lead-free, mercury-free, green and environmentally friendly, high color rendering, good discrimination.


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