Solar Street Lamp Manufacturers Battery

Solar Street Lamp Manufacturers Battery

Solar street lamp manufacturers battery

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Solar street lamp manufacturers battery charging by which way


 As one of the indispensable components of the solar street lamp manufacturer system, the battery is useful for ensuring that it can continue to operate. It is also an essential operation for the independent photovoltaic power generation system to continue its operation.



 Charging equipment and charging skills are an important skill base for doing charging work.  Traditional charging methods can be divided into constant current charging, constant voltage charging and other improvements.  During the first stage of constant current constant voltage charging, the battery is charged with a constant current; when the voltage reaches the predetermined value, it is transferred to the second stage for constant voltage charging, and the current is gradually reduced; when the charging current reaches falling to zero, the battery is completely filled.  This charging method is the most common charging method for lithium batteries.



 Solar street lamp manufacturers introduced In addition to the above charging method, solar street lamp manufacturer Baoding Shuguang New Energy Technology shared another smarter charging method for us.  The charging method refers to dynamically charging the charging current that the battery can withstand, so that the charging current is consistent with the internal polarization current of the battery, which is also called the minimum loss charging form.  In conventional charging skills, it is not possible to dynamically steer the battery's practical conditions and the magnitude of the charge current that can be withstood.



 The intelligent charging system consists of a solar energy controller and a charged battery to form a binary closed loop. The solar street lamp manufacturer controller determines the charging parameter according to the condition of the battery. The charging current is in the vicinity of the charging current curve that the battery can withstand from the beginning to the end, so that the battery is almost  Charging without gas separation, so as to save electricity and no damage to the battery, the implementation of the charging method needs to know the battery to withstand the charging current curve.  Smart charging is the development direction of charging skills in photovoltaic power generation systems.


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