Solar Street Light Five Major Components Itemized Price List

Solar Street Light Five Major Components Itemized Price List

Solar street light five major components itemized price list

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Solar street light five major components itemized price list

 Release Date: 2019-04-18 Author: Budweiser Jiangsu New Energy Co., Ltd.

 First, the price of solar street light pole


 Following the skyrocketing plate last year, the price of plate this year has dropped slightly. The specific price list of the plate will be released for the first time. From the point of view of the state's ban on small Hebei steel mills last year, the price of street lamp poles will continue to rise.  For the new rural solar street lights that are currently used in the market, the 6-meter solar street light poles generally have a diameter of 60 mm, a lower diameter of 143 mm, and a wall thickness of 2.75 mm. The weight of the pole is about 55 KG. The price of the bracket is about 480 yuan.  .

 Second, the price of light source


 Led light source has three choices of crystal, Puri, Philips, Philips lamp beads for the 3030 series, this lamp is affordable, and heat dissipation is better than ordinary lamp beads.  The key is to use the patch form, the solder joint is stronger than normal.  Take the 6-meter solar street light 30w light source, the most commonly used is the gold bean lamp, the light source price is 120 yuan.

 Third, the price of solar panels


 Solar panels are the most stable in solar street lighting systems. They are generally divided into single crystals and polycrystals. Single crystals have more angles than polycrystals. Customers can go back and distinguish them.  The power of the solar panel is calculated based on the power and lighting time.  The following small series will give the calculation method of solar street light configuration. Now the solar panel given by the manufacturer is 3 yuan/w for single crystal and 2.8 yuan/w for polycrystalline.

 Fourth, the battery price


 At present, there are two kinds of batteries used in solar street lamps: colloidal batteries and lithium batteries. The most used ones are gel batteries. Due to the rise of lead raw materials, the price of colloidal batteries is 6.0 yuan/AH and lithium batteries are 13 yuan/AH.  The rise of lithium batteries represents the past of lead-acid batteries, which will become the most widely used power supply system for solar street lights this year.

 Five, controller price


 The controller used in solar street light is divided into two series of step-up and step-down. The step-down controller is used on a 3-string multi-gate LED light source. Due to the constraints of components and heat dissipation, the maximum power is 30W;  Used in more than 10 strings, the maximum power is 60W.  Now the controller uses the infrared emitter to set the time and current of the regulation controller, and now also has the protection half-power function, which means that when the solar street battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage (can manually set the voltage, such as 12.5v) automatically  Half power function.  The price of the buck controller is 45 yuan, and the price of the boost controller is 75 yuan.

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