How To Choose The Components Of Solar Street Lights

How To Choose The Components Of Solar Street Lights

how to choose the components of solar street lights

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How to choose the components of solar street lights


 Solar street lights are a very common lighting device in people's lives. When night falls, this kind of lighting equipment can play a very big role, bringing light to the ground.  Not only that, but there are usually many types of lighting equipment. Generally, if you choose energy sources such as solar energy as lighting equipment, it has great advantages.  So let's talk about how we should choose the components of the solar streetlight so that we can maximize the lighting effect.



First, the choice of good battery components When selecting the battery components of such lighting equipment, usually selected is monocrystalline silicon, or polycrystalline silicon solar modules.  Because this kind of benefit is to ensure that the energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, usually the solar energy is particularly clean and pollution-free, and it belongs to a kind of green energy.  If this battery pack is selected, the lighting effect of the final lighting device can be well guaranteed.  

Second, the choice of light source and controller Generally speaking, this type of lighting equipment, its lamp head is selected as a high-power LED lamp head as a light source.  In this way, the level of illumination can be maximized, and pedestrians and vehicles passing by can see the obstacles on the ground more clearly.  Also, it should be noted that when the controller is selected, the controller is generally placed in the pole so that it can be protected.  

Third, the choice of battery When choosing some of the main components of solar street lights, the battery is also a very important part. 

 Generally speaking, batteries should generally be placed underground, or there should be a dedicated battery incubator.  In that case, it is possible to ensure the performance of the battery to a greater extent, and not only that, but also can prolong the service life of the battery.  The above is a brief introduction to the selection of solar streetlight components. Only in this way can the lighting effect of this type be fully guaranteed.  This will extend the time of street lighting to a certain extent.

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