The Installation Of Solar Street Lights

The Installation Of Solar Street Lights

the installation of solar street lights

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What to pay attention to during the installation of solar street lights

 1. Fully understand the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources and light poles, separate the investment budget for road practice and reference lighting specifications, and rationally select solar lamps, light sources and light poles to fully utilize the energy efficiency of solar energy sources.  The advantages of light distribution and accessory combination.


 2. Under the condition of ensuring the illumination performance, properly increase the spacing of the solar street lamp fixtures to save the number of lamps; properly improve the height of the solar street lamp poles to improve the lighting effect; separate the cloth poles in the middle of the road to save the project  cost.

 3. Separate road works, and timely intervene in pole selection, foundation construction and pre-buried in order to find problems in time, reasonably change, ensure quality, and save investment.

 4. According to the practice and geological conditions of the solar street lighting project site, design and manufacture the solar street lamp pole base and the high pole lamp base to ensure the solid foundation is firm and firm.  In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching of the pre-embedded bolts and the reserved holes of the rod seat, the positioning is accurate, the pre-buried length and the external length are reasonable, and the thread parts should be properly maintained so as to be positioned by lifting.


 5. In rock formations and weathered rock sections, scattered grounding and segmental grounding are difficult to reach the request, and it is possible to think about the long connection of conductors such as galvanized flat steel according to the design request, and the connection should be reliable, and at the same time, appropriate protection and disposal, and pre-buried  The roots are firmly connected to ensure that each pole is connected to the dungeon.  In the solar street light, the high pole light is more dispersed, mainly relying on the grounding of the ground. If necessary, the resistance reducing agent should be used to reduce the grounding resistance.


 6, hoisting operations must strictly abide by the operating procedures.  Special attention should be paid to the power grid lines and other lines around the hoisting equipment, as well as the surrounding structures. The lifting points should be reasonable when hoisting, and should be adjusted in time after positioning.

 7. Pay attention to the beauty of the solar street light pole after the installation.  From the beginning of the foundation construction, the lamp position is controlled linearly according to the main line, and the line shape is changed according to the road design reasonably. The lamp post is straight, the processing weld and the inspection port should avoid the main line direction, and the whole line adheres to the difference.  The inclination of the pole cantilever should be consistent with the direction and angle.


 8. The internal fittings of solar street light fixtures should be inserted tightly and firmly inserted to prevent the wind from loosening and poor contact.  The solar street light fixture is firmly fixed with the light pole, the light pole and the cantilever.  In the solar street light, the high pole lamp should be set in place. The lifting frame and the lamp should be firmly fixed. The lifting system should be safe and secure, and the functions of lifting, limiting and positioning should be complete.

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