Lithium Battery Solar Street Light Installation And Advantages

Lithium battery solar street light installation and advantages
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Lithium battery solar street light installation and advantages

Lithium battery solar street light is a lithium-ion battery, gradually changing from a gel battery to a lithium battery. It can be said that it is an emerging energy street light. Since it is an emerging industry, what issues need to be paid special attention to when installing it compared to ordinary street lamps? Lithium battery solar street light installation matters


  1. The first thing to do is the wiring of the lithium battery. This project is small and very simple, and the general staff can complete it. To connect two wires, one end is connected to the solar panel, and the other is connected to the light source. As long as the wiring work is done, half of the installation is completed.

2, followed by the pouring of the cage, the frame should be welded firmly. This is equivalent to the foundation of the building. Only when the foundation is stable, the above facilities can stand up. In order to ensure quality, it is best to choose a professional electric welder to operate.


3, and then the pit is dug, the length, width and height of the pit are: 60 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm. Don't dig too much, you can fit the cage frame. Then put the cage in the air and put it in.

4, the last is the assembly of lamps, lithium batteries and other small components, lithium battery solar street lights and ordinary street lights installed, it is necessary to complete the entire system at the lower end. This will also save a lot of unnecessary troubles, for example: if the above line is damaged, the maintenance cost is not only high, but also the personal safety can not be fully guaranteed.

Advantages of lithium battery solar street lights

1. The aluminum shell type street lamp has the function of anti-theft and reducing line damage, which can save labor cost and provide convenience for people.

2. The aluminum shell itself will have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-deformation and no rust, so the service life will be very long.

3. The plastic shell type street lamp has the advantages of light weight and good operation, and does not require a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, its installation cost is not high, affordable, and can be used by people.

It can be seen that the advantages of lithium battery solar street lamps are very prominent, but must pay attention to the relevant matters during installation, only in this way can guarantee the quality.