What Is The Order Of Solar Streetlights

What Is The Order Of Solar Streetlights

What is the order of solar streetlights?
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What is the order of solar streetlights?

 The first step: connect the battery.

 Before connecting the battery, we must ensure that the solar street light voltage is higher than the controller voltage, and then turn on the insurance after confirming the error.


 Step 2: Connect the load.

 The load side of the solar street light controller is connected to a DC device having the same working voltage as the battery voltage, and the controller supplies power to the load with the battery voltage.

 The third step: connect photovoltaic (solar panels).

 Warning: Solar street lights are dangerous!  Photovoltaic arrays can generate very high voltages and be carefully protected against electric shock when wiring.  The solar module voltage in the system is not lower than the system voltage.

 Step 4: Check the connection.

 Carefully check all the connection points, whether the positive and negative poles of each connection point are correct and the connection points are tight.

 Step 5: Confirm the power is on.


 When the battery supplies power to the controller, when the controller starts, the battery LED on the controller will light up, and observe that it is correct.

 The above is an introduction to the wiring sequence of solar street lights, which is convenient for everyone to refer to in practice.