Scenery Complementary Street Lights

Scenery Complementary Street Lights

scenery complementary street lights
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Solar street light advantages and advantages of scenery complementary street lights

 1, solar street light installation is simple: solar installation, not laying complex lines, as long as a cement base, and then fixed with stainless steel screws, urban electrical lighting street lights installation complex: municipal lighting street lighting project, first laying cables, cable trench excavation, laying  Pipeline, pipe threading, backfilling and the need for a large number of infrastructure projects, and then long-term installation and commissioning, such as any line is a problem, it is necessary to rework a large area, terrain and line requirements are responsible for the high cost of labor and auxiliary materials.


 2, solar street light free electricity: solar street light is a one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, long-term benefits, electric street lighting high electricity: need to pay fixed high-power lighting fixtures at work, and need long-term uninterrupted line, etc.  Configure for maintenance or replacement to increase maintenance costs.


 3, solar street lights no safety hazards: solar street lights ultra-low voltage products, safe and reliable operation, other advantages of solar street lights: green environmental protection, electrical lighting fixtures have safety hazards: electrical lighting in construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, irregular  Power supply, street lamp manufacturers, electric hot water lamps and other aspects will bring many security risks.



 In contrast, solar street lights are safe, energy-saving, green, easy to install, maintenance-free automatic control lamps.

 It consists of solar street lights: solar panels, solar cells, intelligent controllers, light sources, lamps and brackets.

 The working principle of solar street lights:

 The solar light is a solar panel that receives and converts the solar radiation into electrical energy, detects the daytime action value through the charge and discharge controller, discharges the battery, and after 10 hours, the battery discharges, the charge and discharge controller operates, and the battery discharge end,  The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to control the opening and closing of the street light, while protecting the battery and extending the service life of the battery.

 Solar street light design principles:

 1. The main function of the road lighting system is to ensure traffic safety, improve transportation efficiency, protect personal safety and provide a comfortable environment.


 2, to meet the needs of road lighting functions, improve the efficiency of road lighting systems, reduce system power consumption, save energy, reduce pollution, to achieve energy and environmental protection purposes.


 3, in addition to the local light resources, when the weather conditions of the street lamp manufacturers, the battery board is covered by dust, the temperature, the controller, the actual situation of the battery consider the battery efficiency.


 In the future, solar energy resources and wind energy resources will be put into use in various fields, not just the street lamp industry, let the green energy accompany us live for a long time, the use of complementary street lamps is already let us know its advantages, and it can bring very impressive  Social and environmental benefits.


 Wind-solar complementary lighting streetlights are not only low-energy, low-carbon, but more importantly, it can make our life healthier. The contrast contrast sensitivity of led lighting complementary streetlights with green lighting and natural lighting is higher than 5%-20% of electric lighting.  Above, under the bright sunshine, everything is so clear, the light guide lighting system directly transmits natural light, full spectrum, no frequency display, no dazzling, making our environment more comfortable.

 Lighting is what we all need every day. The traditional way of lighting consumes a lot of electric energy. When we receive electric energy, we emit a lot of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. These gases are caused by various environments around the world.  The important reason for the problem of street lamp manufacturers, but the use of complementary street lamps completely avoids these problems.


 The use of wind-solar complementary led street lamps is characterized by the use of sunlight to illuminate the solar panels and convert them into electrical energy to charge the batteries, or when the wind can go to the third or higher level, the wind will be used to generate electricity, and the wind  Insufficient, it will be charged by solar panel charging.

 The wind and light complementary led street lamp also has strong reliability. Specifically, it can be used in the case where there is no wind energy for three to five days, and the solar charging is still possible, the LED scenery complementary street lamp can still perform normal lighting work, and the light control  Lighting, time control off, half power, full power automatic control, but in general, there will be less wind and solar energy, so the scenery complementary solar street lights can fully achieve lighting.


 The wind-solar complementary led street lamp can be used continuously for more than ten days at a time. At the same time, two different types of bulbs can be installed on the street lamp and can be automatically switched off according to the light difference.