Advantages Of Wind And Solar Complementary Solar Street Lights

Advantages Of Wind And Solar Complementary Solar Street Lights

Advantages of wind and solar complementary solar street lights

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Advantages of wind and solar complementary solar street lights


 The wind-solar complementary solar street lamp adopts high-performance large-capacity maintenance-free lead-acid battery to provide sufficient electric energy for the wind-solar complementary street lamp, which ensures the lighting time of the LED scenery complementary street light source in the rainy day, which greatly improves the stability of the system.  Here are the main advantages:

 Energy conservation and emission reduction, saving environmental protection; no large amount of electricity expenses in the later period; resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming the trend of the times.  Compared with traditional street lamps, wind-solar complementary street lamps use natural renewable solar energy and wind energy as energy sources, do not consume any non-renewable energy sources, and do not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere, resulting in a reduction in pollution emissions to zero.  For a long time, the protection of the environment is self-evident, and it also eliminates the cost of a large amount of electricity expenses in the later period.


 The cable laying project is exempted, and a large number of power supply facilities are not required to be constructed; the operation procedures of the mains lighting project are complicated, and the foundation works such as cable trench excavation, laying down pipes, pipe threading, backfilling, etc. require a large amount of labor; at the same time, transformers, power distribution cabinets, and distribution  Large-scale electrical equipment such as electric boards also consume a lot of money.  Scenery complementary street lights will not, each street lamp is a separate individual, no need to cable, no need for large quantities of electrical equipment, saving manpower and saving money.


 Individual damage does not affect the overall situation, and is not affected by large-scale power outages; since conventional street lights are cable connections, it is likely to affect the entire power supply system due to individual problems; this is not the case with wind-solar complementary circuit lights.  In the distributed independent power generation system, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of other street lamps. Even in the case of large-scale power outages, the lighting will not be affected, and the uncontrollable loss is greatly reduced.


 It saves a lot of cable overhead and is more immune to the loss of cable theft; installing streetlights in remote areas that are not widely available in the grid, the installation cost is high, and there will be serious theft.  Once stolen, affecting the entire power output, the loss is huge.  The use of wind-solar complementary street lights will not have this concern. Each street lamp is independent and free of cable connections. Even if the theft occurs, it will not affect the normal operation of other street lamps, and the loss will be reduced to *low.

 Intelligent control, eliminating manual operation, simple construction and convenient maintenance; wind and solar complementary street lights are controlled by intelligent controllers, which can be divided into two automatic control modes: time control and light control, which are both safe and economical;  It is not affected by large-area circuit construction, the process is simple, the construction period is short, and the maintenance is more convenient.


 Urban lighting; as an emerging energy system, it has played a role in lighting while saving costs and improving system stability. Today, with traditional energy occupying most of the market, new energy has undoubtedly become a highlight of cities and communities.

 Improve people's awareness of energy conservation; the lack of traditional energy sources and pollution of the environment has reached a point that must be resolved.  The global air pollution is quite serious. The use of new energy can effectively improve people's awareness of energy conservation and make our lives more advanced and energy-saving.


 The complementary street lamp is a smart street lamp that uses wind energy and solar energy to supply power. It also has the advantages of both wind power generation and solar power generation, providing a stable power supply for urban street lights.


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