Installation Method And Technique Of Street Light Pole

Installation Method And Technique Of Street Light Pole

Installation method and technique of street light pole
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Installation method and technique of street light pole

Street lights have facilitated people's night trips. They have become an indispensable part of life, and street lights are no longer just for lighting. With the continuous development of street light technology, the types, styles and functions of street lights have more choices, such as: LED street lights, solar street lights, landscape lights, garden lights, magnolia lights, etc., we can according to our own requirements Choose the right street light product for us.

And we all know that street lights must meet the requirements for use, and one thing is inseparable, that is, "street light poles". Xiaobian has already said about the technology of street light poles (solar street light pole hot dip plating) The importance of zinc treatment), I wo n’t say much here, today I will share with you the installation methods and techniques of several street light poles.

1. Waterproof controller is preferred for street light controller to ensure long service time and stability. If there is no waterproof type controller, the terminal should be facing down and the wiring should be bent into a U shape to improve the waterproof ability.

2. The angle of the battery board must be adjusted to the most suitable place, generally the recommended 45 degree angle. If it is not adjusted properly, it will affect the charging performance of the battery, reduce the lighting time, and also affect the induction performance, resulting in inaccurate automatic lighting time.

3. The installation of street light poles should be carried out on sunny days, because it cannot be quickly charged after installation on rainy days, and it is discharged at night, which affects the use effect.

4. In order to improve the battery life and the number of charge and discharge times, the first day of installation should not light up. It should be that when the controller is installed, only the controller is connected, and the load is not contacted.The battery can be charged for two days, and the load light is turned on the next day, which can maximize the battery charging, activate the battery completely, and usage time.

5. Use a better quality copper core to reduce the loss of power consumption. If the problem is particularly serious, the driving power of the LED will not work properly. Therefore, do not save these necessary funds and affect the effect of the entire light pole.