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The first batch of smart street lights appeared in Wuhan. In addition to the characteristics of the model, the functions also added video, 5G, charging piles and other functions. More than 150 street lights are S-shaped and can emit various colors of light. Unlike the streetlights of the straight white cylinders, the smart streetlights generally look like an S-shape with an S-shaped LED strip. Why is the street light designed to be S-shaped?


The person in charge of the Wuhan Street Light Management Service Center said that the light belt is perpendicular to the main axis of the Yangtze River and starts from the construction avenue. It ends at Yanjiang Avenue and is divided into four ramps to connect with Jinghan Avenue and Zhongshan Avenue. It is one of the most prosperous and most crowded sections of Wuhan. It is also the import and export of Wuhan's second Yangtze River tunnel in Hankou. It will become a window for crowd gathering and city display during the military sports meeting next year. In order to echo with the flowing water of the Yangtze River, the S-type street lamp was specially made, which was called "small waist lamp" by the nearby citizens. The first batch was installed more than 150 miles.

Unlike ordinary street lights, which only emit light at the top of the lamp, the smart street light can shine all over the body. LED strips can be used to bring up a variety of colors, like neon flashing. At festivals or special occasions, the lights can “dance”, become colorful, and can change color with the density of traffic flow, playing a warning role. The person in charge of the project said that the LED light is soft, the glare is low, the light effect is high, and there is a single light controller on each street lamp, which can collect technical parameter information, and adjust the power with the flow of people and the traffic flow to achieve better energy saving effect. The lamppost is multi-purpose. The display broadcasts information such as the weather.


“This is not just a streetlight, it is also the interface of a smart city.” The person in charge of the engineering department of the Wuhan Street Light Management Service Center said that there are multiple function entries for access or reservation on the pole.

The light pole can be equipped with a public security and traffic monitoring probe to monitor the public safety of the road. The large LED display on the back side of the pole can scroll public information such as weather forecasts, and can also monitor the current PM2.5 values for on-screen display. To set up a touch screen on some of the light pole pedestals of the road junction, passers-by can directly query geographic, tourist attractions, commercial shopping and other information through the above touch screen. The government-published news, warnings, public service advertisements, etc. can also be touched. The screen is displayed. Some poles also incorporate a broadcast function. When there are more tourists, the function of street lamps can be more obvious: while monitoring road traffic, pedestrian safety, urban management, while reminding the weather, people flow, violations and other information, you can also broadcast to create a city atmosphere and stop violations. When there are a lot of people, the display will give an early warning and the brightness of the street light will increase accordingly.

A combination of smart street lights forms an Internet of Things and enables multiple applications through the back-end big data platform. The person in charge of the Wuhan Street Lamp Management Service Center introduced that there are one pole every 11 meters in Wuhan, and each pole carries different functions. After the emergence of the smart street lamp, the “shared light pole” as a composite utilization device is beneficial to reduce the repeated construction of the urban pole body and avoid the chaos of the urban roads, especially the intersection poles, effectively saving the urban ground and space resources. Cities can become more beautiful and smarter. Reserve 5G entrance to charge new energy vehicles

The person in charge of the Wuhan Street Lamp Management Service Center introduced that the smart street lamp also reserved the entrance for future new energy vehicle charging and 5G applications.

According to reports, smart street lights are reserved for new energy vehicle charging piles. Later, on the parking space next to the street lamp, the new energy vehicle can be parked and connected to the pole charging pole. Smart street lights still have 5G entrances. There is a micro base station every 60-80 meters for 5G networks. Smart street lights have the advantages of power supply, height and density, and have innate advantages for the future 5G micro base stations. The batch of smart street lights that were unveiled at this time reserved the 5G micro base station space made of plexiglass at the top of the pole.


According to the person in charge of the State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company, Wuhan City will summarize the application experience of the first batch of smart street lamps, promote and use it in other road sections in a timely manner, and continuously expand smart applications. In the future, the light pole can further load functions such as RFID electronic tags, parking meter, traffic lights, road signs, parking toll signs and even network information screens as needed. 

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