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The traffic signs in the city seem to be a very unobtrusive sector in the design field, so is it really important for us?


In a city with towering towers, some people with a bad sense of direction will inevitably have no way to find a road. In this case, the traffic sign plays a key role. The traffic sign seems to be a very small one in the design field. The striking sector is actually very important.

  1. If there is no sign in our city to give us guidance or instructions, then our life will be very inconvenient, and we may not find a way and get lost, so signage has a very important role and function in urban planning. .

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Second, the signage has the function of marking and indicating, and is generally applied to the streets and alleys.

Third, the traffic sign is a kind of information communication media, which has the function of advertising and warning, and is generally applied to road traffic and buses.


Fourth, with the effect of guidance, the signage is mainly to provide people with instructions, generally used in parks and roadsides.

5. It has the function of warning and explanation. It is generally used inside and outside the building, such as the house number and the indication function of the corridor.